Introduction to Conduit

We're Team Conduit and this is our online presence for the duration of CS210A/B (Software Project Experience with Corporate Partners). We'll be using this blog to regularly update our followers on the status of our project, and share any deliverables we can share with a wider audience.

The aim of our project is to engage users with smart energy programs through platforms on mobile (iOS / Android) and the BMW iDrive SDK.

Project inspiration:

Sustainability and smart energy initiatives for consumers are central to BMW's mission. BMW is interested in engaging consumers with smart energy initiatives. BMW has been working on electric vehicles for several years, and is currently piloting projects to build better energy management systems for charging consumer electric vehicles. For example, the BMW office in Mountain View has been piloting an initiative to learn more about how electric vehicles interface with existing energy infrastructure in the Bay Area, so that the impact of charging electric vehicles to the energy grid can ultimately be reduced.

Project objective:

Build a mobile-based technology to engage consumers with sustainability and the green lifestyle, with a focus on maintaining engagement. The project needs to clearly integrate with BMW using the BMW iDrive SDK, and should be congruent to the smart energy initiatives being piloted at the BMW Mountain View office.