Dev Meeting: Implementation Plans

Photo of our work session today in the Jerry lounge

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Main Takeaways

  • End state: We are ready to divide up work and start coding at our next meeting.
  • We decided on frameworks: Swift, Flask, SQL
  • Models: Cars and drivers are many-to-many, not one-to-one as previously thought.
  • Verifying car ownership is a problem we still need to research.
  • We set "go-to" team members for each skill (e.g. Swift, UI, Flask)
  • We started developing team coding practices and general culture.

Throughout our discussions of what the expected behavior should be, we were careful to discuss an "adversary" who would abuse the system. This was especially key since we discussed car ownership both (1) for registering new users / cars and (2) for having many-to-many owner and car relationships.

Cars to drivers

We realized that one common use case is the car(s) shared by a family. This significantly changed not only the Car and User models, but also the entire framework of how messages work. Now, instead of communicating only from one user to another user, we have a conversation that potentially involves all owners of the car whose spot is requested.

Verifying owner to license plate

This is something we would like to do through interfacing with the car (e.g. by plugging phones in). Unfortunately, we don't think that a car (with a unique ID given by its manufacturer) is linked to its license plate, which will be other users' way of identifying that car publicly. We have decided to seek further mentorship on this issue.