Talking to Real Customers

Hello, reader of this blog. We've missed you! We've been focusing heavily on our development - more on that to come soon. Here's a quick update »

Adventuring and Presenting in Deutschland

Last week, Team Conduit traveled to Munich to present at the BMW offices in Ulm and Munich and to learn more about smart energy efforts at »

Pink Bagel Rehash

This is an update on our pink bagel tests, which we first wrote about on this blog a week ago. To read more about the motivation »

Dev Meeting: iOS setup

For detailed notes, see our Hackpad. Main Takeaways UI: We have to make the detailed UI decisions at lower levels than we did when prototyping. We »

Range Anxiety + Charging Infrastructure

2/28/2015 - Understanding Range Anxiety To better understanding the feeling of range anxiety that our users face, David and Sherman took a drive to »